Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin is regarded as the most famous diamond cutter in the world and has this reputation not without good reason. The special feature of his business is that all diamonds are stored on-site, thus ensuring the authenticity and quality of Brian Gavin himself or his employees. Every diamond sold through the website is checked by Brian Gavin himself – a service that is unique in the online diamond world. Apart from this, Gavin offers on his website the possibility to examine every diamond in a 360-degree video and HD photos. Once a diamond is selected, it is examined by Gavin before it is shipped overnight and arrives at the customer’s home the next morning. An insurance policy is automatically taken out for all customers living in the USA. Since package insurance often causes extra costs, the online shop is especially suitable for customers within America. So it is really not only by its reputation that this online shop is a good choice, but also because of the quality and service. However, in my experience, Gavin’s customer service is less reliable than others, which is why he ranks third in my top 3.