James Allen

My favorite seller is the website jamesallen, which was founded in 2006 and since then has earned a reputation. Impressively, jamesallen has over 200,000 diamonds in stock, all of which can be viewed online. No other seller has so many diamonds and most of them in house! Each of these diamonds has a certificate, most of them from the GIA or AGS, which are the two highest quality certificates available for diamonds. The advantage of having so many diamonds is that unlike whitflash, for example, diamonds are available for every budget. Whether it is a cheap small diamond for a watch or a luxurious diamond for a engagement ring – jamesallen has them all. Whichever diamond you buy, you can then choose exactly which one you want to buy with what I believe to be the best technical implementation online. The photos and 360-degree videos that are provided are on a higher level than anything I have encountered in the diamond business. This is not astonishing, since jamesallen has numerous certified diamond experts as well as professional photographers as employees. Due to the size of the online shop, jamesallen can also allow itself to offer many special offers and discounts, which with a little luck and patience can be a real bargain. Even if this was never whitflash’s claim, it is definitely an argument for jamesallen if you don’t have unlimited financial means. The last point should be a plus point for jamesallen, especially for international customers. The runner offers 24/7 customer service and can, therefore, be reached from any region at any time. A good customer service creates trust and has often helped me with my diamond purchases. For more on James Allen it is important to do proper research.

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